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Happy Wednesday! We have had a great start to the year. Students loved playing Monopoly on Monday and earning stickers for their taxis on the closet doors. Remember, students should be reading 20 minutes each night in fourth grade. This week we started Wonders and focused on elements of fairy tales. On Friday we will be meeting our second grade buddies from Mrs. Weaver's class and doing some fairy tale activities with them. We are looking at sequence structure this week and synonyms. We are also reviewing complete sentences and discussing the four types of sentences. In Math we have been working on place value to one million. I told the students that this is a tricky chapter and I have promised that we will master the concepts! As I said at Open House, it is important that students practice his or her basic facts --in all four operations--for speed and accuracy! We will start the Towpath today with the opening of the trunk. There are so many neat treasures in our trunk! I can't wait to dig around in there with the kids! We also began studying the Galveston, Texas hurricane of 1900. We watched a cool interview with Ms. Tarshis, the author of our article, and we learned that she wrote over 15 drafts of the piece before it was ready for publication! Today I will be meeting individually with each student to listen to him or her read aloud. By Monday, I will have placed the students into reading groups and we will begin small group work. You will see the small Wonders books come home next week! Please let me know if you need anything, at any time. Check out the homework section of this website, please, along with the important dates section, too. Have a great rest of the week! Mrs. Schmoyer

Mrs. Schmoyer


Each Friday, I plan to post the daily homework for the coming week in this space. Please check it and contact me with any questions. I will provide a binder for each student on the first day of school. Please check out my supply page for some items I would like you to bring with you on that first day. Thank you again, in advance, for your support. The key to a successful school year is a true partnership between the teacher and the parents!

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I will provide you with most of the items you will need in class! If you would like to bring some of your own supplies, I have listed a few suggestions. However, don't worry as I have "extras" if you need something!

School Supply List

6 #2 Sharpened Pencils
1 art smock labeled with your name
1 glue stick
1 small scissors labeled with your name
1 pencil pouch that is three-holed punch to fit inside your binder
1 highlighter (any color will be fine)

School Supply Wish List

These items are currently on our wish list. Thanks!
  • Rolls of Paper Towels
  • Paper or Plastic Plates
  • Tissues
  • Plastic silverware
  • Sharpie markers


September 2018
September 14 Book Order due
September 19 No School!
September 25 Chapter 1 Math Test (most likely--I will keep you updated)
September 30 10% of ST Math due!