Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I apologize for the delay in my newsletters and updating this website. I had a lot going on since my trip and I have been spending tons of time working at school at night to make sure I got everything else done! Anyway, the kids were fabulous for Mrs. Dobil and then they were amazing on our trip to the Da Vinci Center. I am so proud of them! Next week on Thursday afternoon (10/25) we are going to spend some time celebrating our 1,000 stickers. I will send home a flyer later this week telling you all of the details! This week we are working on a TDA on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ask your students about Greg and the seals! :) This is a labor-intensive process but the students did a great job today. The more time and effort we put into the TDA now, the more successful we will be in the coming months of fourth grade! Speaking of upcoming events, we have the Wonders Unit 1 Test on Thursday and Friday. Students should be reading and reviewing the study guide I sent home last week, please. Math study guides are due Thursday. The math test will be Friday. On Wednesday we will practice the math communication questions. We will finish Tales of the Towpath this week and do two cool culminating projects next week. Of course, the big event will be in May, when we visit the towpath and take a mule-drawn boat ride! Students are busy sharing their really neat PA projects in class. We shared several this morning and I was impressed by the students' wealth of knowledge and totally different types of visuals and projects. Check out the calendar section of the website to see an updated list of important dates. Also, I have listed new wishlist items that we would love to use this week. Thanks! Mrs. Schmoyer

Mrs. Schmoyer


Each Friday, I plan to post the daily homework for the coming week in this space. Please check it and contact me with any questions. I will provide a binder for each student on the first day of school. Please check out my supply page for some items I would like you to bring with you on that first day. Thank you again, in advance, for your support. The key to a successful school year is a true partnership between the teacher and the parents!

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I will provide you with most of the items you will need in class! If you would like to bring some of your own supplies, I have listed a few suggestions. However, don't worry as I have "extras" if you need something!

School Supply List

6 #2 Sharpened Pencils
1 art smock labeled with your name
1 glue stick
1 small scissors labeled with your name
1 pencil pouch that is three-holed punch to fit inside your binder
1 highlighter (any color will be fine)

School Supply Wish List

These items are currently on our wish list. Thanks!
  • cans of play-doh, any color
  • gumdrops, a total of 30
  • q-tips
  • toothpicks
  • index cards, lined or unlined, any color


October 2018/November 2018
October 18 Math Study Guide due and Wonders Unit 1 Test begins
October 19 Math Test Chapter 2 and Wonders Test Unit 1 ends
October 25 Sticker reading celebration afternoon
October 26 Halloween parade and party!
October 31 ST MATH 20% due!
November 2 Hawk Mountain Field Trip