Hi Everyone!

Happy Sunday evening!! I hope you are all doing well. I am hoping we have seen the last of the bad weather and that we have warmer, sunnier days ahead! We have a busy week! Tomorrow we will work more on our shape poems, start Unit 5 in Wonders, review in Math and perhaps take the Mid-Chapter Check, make wind vanes and see a cool assembly, sponsored by our fabulous PTO. Plus, we might just finish The Unteachables by Gordon Korman!! The students have loved this book! In Wonders this week we will work on adjectives, the use of quotation marks around certain types of titles, Latin prefixes, parts of a fictional text and similes and metaphors. In Math this week we will work on the metric system. I love the metric system and I have a lot of fun activities to help us master this material. This week we will also start our new Science Unit, Animal Adaptations. We have two super awesome activities to "kick off" this unit! On Friday, please have your child wear green as we will be doing a few St. Patrick's Day activities--one of them with our second grade buddies! Here is a piece of information you may be interested in: I am going to start an OPTIONAL book club. I have been leading this book club for a number of years. Each year I choose different books. This is how "Mrs. Schmoyer's Book Club" works: ***I will announce a book title and give a brief description of it. If your child is interested in participating, please get a copy of the book. I can help you with this if cost is an issue! Then we will have our first meeting. We will meet during lunch. Students will go to recess and then get their lunches and meet me in the classroom. We will eat and discuss the book. Each week I will ask the students to read a few chapters on their own and then we will meet and discuss. Last year nearly every student in my class participated and loved it! Please talk about this with your child. Thanks! There will be a paper form for you to indicate your child's interest. Check out the calendar section of the website to see an updated list of important dates. Thanks! Mrs. Schmoyer

Mrs. Schmoyer


Each Friday, I plan to post the daily homework for the coming week in this space. Please check it and contact me with any questions. I will provide a binder for each student on the first day of school. Please check out my supply page for some items I would like you to bring with you on that first day. Thank you again, in advance, for your support. The key to a successful school year is a true partnership between the teacher and the parents!

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I will provide you with most of the items you will need in class! If you would like to bring some of your own supplies, I have listed a few suggestions. However, don't worry as I have "extras" if you need something!

School Supply List

6 #2 Sharpened Pencils
1 art smock labeled with your name
1 glue stick
1 small scissors labeled with your name
1 pencil pouch that is three-holed punch to fit inside your binder
1 highlighter (any color will be fine)

School Supply Wish List

These items are currently on our wish list. Thanks!
  • cans of play-doh, any color
  • gumdrops, a total of 30
  • q-tips
  • toothpicks
  • index cards, lined or unlined, any color


March 2019
March 11 Read A Thon Money and Forms due, Reading Calendar due, Signed Friday Folder needs to be returned
March 15 Wear green
March 22 Midwest, SE, NE review test
March 25 Math Test Chapter 12
March 31 ST 70% Goal Due!